American Recreation Resource 
and Education Center, Inc. 
 A 501(c)(3) Organization
"Sharing Knowledge to Build Better Tomorrows"

Purpose:  It is the goal of ARREC to provide resource assistance and
educational programs for persons working with "at-risk" youths

Youth Recreation Education For Adults
Gangs, school drop-out rates, substance abuse, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, AIDS, FAS, suicide, diabetes and other diseases are all negative aspects of the lives of today's youths.  A proven, positive way to combat these problems is a solid recreation program implemented by well-trained adults in the management and coaching positions.

The American Recreation Resource and Education Center, Inc. (ARREC) was established in 1994, for the sole purpose of assisting recreation department personnel and volunteers in sharing their ideas, exchanging resource information, and training youth coaches and organization leaders.  By "pooling" information instead of various communities and regions spending time "re-inventing the wheel", more energy can be put forth in the implementation of various recreational programs for the youths of the nation.

Adults from around the Nation agree:
Getting high on team spirit is better than getting high on drugs and alcohol.
Positive achievements contribute to the developement of a happier child.
Hanging with the team is better than hanging with the gang.
Catching a fly ball is good.  Catching AIDS is not good.
"Playing around" often leads to teen pregnancy.
Being physically fit is better than being sick.
It is okay to steal second base but not cars.
Making a good play earns compliments.
Parents behavior can be a problem too!
Depression leads to suicide.
Too few parents volunteer.
Never enough time--

The classes provided by ARREC are based in part on one of  the world's foremost programs in the field of youth recreation, American Sport EducationProgram (ASEP).  In additionto the ASEP studies, other activities and specific issues regarding the role of recreation and exercise are available through ARREC.

Children of all cultures and of all economic levels deserve the opportunity to participate in recreational activities led by knowledgable adults.  In a recent check of various youth sport rule books an interesting fact was noted.  The rules of the sport games did not change from region to region; from community to community; nor, from inner-city to rural areas.

The Native American Recreation Education Conference is open to any one working
with "at-risk" children ages 5 through 14.  We hope to see you at the next conference.

Judith G. Shepherd
ARREC Co-founder


* Board of Advisors *
  • Aaron Manwell - Recreation Director, Jicarilla Apache Tribe, 
  • Rebecca V. Martin - ARREC  Board of Advisors
  • Bruce Montey, Sr. - Athletic Commission, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, CT 
  • George McGinnis - former NBA All-Star, Indianapolis, IN 
  • Gary A. Sailes, Ph.D. - Indiana University,  Bloomington, IN 
  • Jeff  Vessely, Ed.D. -  IUPUI,  Indianapolis, IN 

ARREC Presents:

The Circle of Hope Golf Classic

Native American Recreation & Sport Institute

Native American Recreation Education Conference

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